Collection: Maresha Winery

Tel Maresha Winery is a family-owned kosher establishment dedicated to crafting premium wines within an emerging and evolving wine-producing region. Positioned as a regional hub for wine culture, Tel Maresha Winery endeavors to introduce fresh flavors and scents to the diverse landscape of Israeli wines. The vineyard, winery, and its visitor's center are strategically situated in the Tel Maresha region of the Judean Hills, near the Guvrin River.

This locale, at the convergence of the coastal plain, Judean Mountains, and Lachish region, is defined by low calcareous stone and limestone hills ranging from 30+ to 60+ meters above sea level. The clay soil, interspersed with chalk, extends across the plains between these hills and the river creek, contributing to the unique terroir of the area. Tel Maresha Winery aspires to showcase the distinctive characteristics of this terroir through its meticulously produced wines.