Collection: Har Bracha Winery

Har Bracha Winery is situated in the central hills of biblical Israel, offering a captivating view of Jordan in the distance. Positioned on Mount Gerizim, this remarkable winery seamlessly blends a rich historical background with modern settlements, accompanied by delectable cuisine and award-winning wines. Just a short twenty-minute drive from Ariel, the location is en route to the Samaritan neighborhood, a techina factory, Mount Gerizim National Park, and Yosef's Lookout.

Translated to English as "Mount Blessing," Har Bracha holds biblical significance, being mentioned in the Bible as the place where half of the twelve tribes of Israel ascended to pronounce blessings. As an estate winery, Har Bracha Winery revitalizes a tradition in an area that was historically fruitful but has remained barren for nearly 2000 years. Nestled in Israel's heartland, the winery cultivates vineyards on a high-ridged mountain at an elevation of 840 meters (2,755 ft.) above sea level, offering a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the Shomron region.

Established in 2007 to meet the growing demand for its grapes, Har Bracha Winery initially produced 3000 bottles aged in fine new oak barrels from the French Radoux cooperage. The winery has since exclusively continued using French oak, and its production has steadily increased to 50,000 bottles per vintage, reflecting the ever-growing popularity of its wines.