Collection: Chateau Langlet

The trio behind Champagne Langlet comprises three accomplished wine-growers and vineyard proprietors. Through a subtle and consensual approach, they have opened their Domaine to friends, artists, and poets, crafting a champagne that leaves lasting impressions on celebratory occasions. This unique product caters to those willing to immerse themselves in its complexity and unravel its distinct identity. Beyond its triple association, Champagne Langlet distinguishes itself in other ways.

Embracing a resolutely modern ethos, Champagne Langlet aims to be dynamic, progressive, and in tune with contemporary trends. This commitment is not merely a static feature but an ongoing endeavor to stay relevant and evolve with the times. The involvement of friends is integral to the evolution of the range. This is evident in the expansive kitchen situated in the heart of the wine storehouse in Gland, emphasizing the collective enjoyment of festivities encapsulated in each bottle.