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Ramat Negev Ramon Cabernet Franc 2013


   Smooth & Supple 14.1% abv
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Light & Fruity
Red wines that are more fruit-forward and lighter in tannin and body.
Smooth & Supple
Medium bodied reds that go down easy, with smooth tannins and supple fruit.
Earthy & Spicy
Wines where earthy and/or spicy dominate the flavors – typically medium to full body.
Big & Bold
Full bodied wines that have concentrated fruit and are higher in alcohol and/or tannins. Some need age.

[taste taste="earthyspicy" abv="13.5% abv"]Earthy & Spicy[/taste]

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol: 13.5% 

Vintage: 2013

Location: Ramat Negev

Kosher for Passover: Yes

Mevushal: Not Mevushal 

Serving Temperature: Best served at 16°C 

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The Winemaking Process – The fermentation process occurs in cold temperature stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the scents and flavors of the fruit. When this process is complete, the wine is soaked on grape peels in cold temperatures for a period of two weeks, to make the most of the aroma and flavors of the peel. After that, the wine undergoes initial decantation and aging for about 16 months in new French Oak barrels. Then, the wine is roughly filtered in order to preserve as much as possible the aroma and tastes after which it is bottled and kept in the winery for a period of six months before going on the market.

Color – A deep, bold purple-red color is reached by roughly filtering the wine, stabilizing and closely supervising that it doesn´t get damaged by oxygen.

Serving Recommendation – The wine should be served at 16 degrees Celsius. The wine has a full body and soft tannins. It will go wonderfully with low-fat meat dishes such as sirloin and filet. In addition, it will go wonderfully with Sainte-Maure cheese or ripe Camembert.