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Sadot Estate Winery 2013 Petit Syrah Tempranillo


   Smooth & Supple 14.1% abv
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Light & Fruity
Red wines that are more fruit-forward and lighter in tannin and body.
Smooth & Supple
Medium bodied reds that go down easy, with smooth tannins and supple fruit.
Earthy & Spicy
Wines where earthy and/or spicy dominate the flavors – typically medium to full body.
Big & Bold
Full bodied wines that have concentrated fruit and are higher in alcohol and/or tannins. Some need age.

[taste taste="smoothsupple" abv="13.5% abv"]Smooth & Supple[/taste]

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol: 13.5% 

Vintage: 2013

Location: Jezreel Valley

Kosher for Passover: Yes

Mevushal: Not Mevushal 

Serving Temperature: Best served at 18°C 

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Mediterranean Blend it is made from Petite Syrah and Tempranillo-harvested manually in vineyards surrounding the winery. After the spin and ending upheavals wine aged in oak barrels in the cellar winery. The wine has a deep color and a medium body.  It is suitable to accompany meats, pies and snacks.