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Katlav Winery Wadi Katlav 2012 15.5% ABV


   Smooth & Supple 14.1% abv
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Light & Fruity
Red wines that are more fruit-forward and lighter in tannin and body.
Smooth & Supple
Medium bodied reds that go down easy, with smooth tannins and supple fruit.
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Wines where earthy and/or spicy dominate the flavors – typically medium to full body.
Big & Bold
Full bodied wines that have concentrated fruit and are higher in alcohol and/or tannins. Some need age.

[taste taste="bigbold" abv="15.5% abv"]Big & Bold[/taste]

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol: 15.5% 

Vintage: 2012

Location: Judean Hills

Kosher for Passover: Yes

Mevushal: Not Mevushal 

Serving Temperature: Best served at 16°C 

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About Katlav Winery

Katlav is a Boutique Winery located in Nes Harim.  The winery was founded in 1998 by Yossi Yitach, an architect by profession.  From the beginning, the Katlav winery raises the banner of producing wine with a high quality grapes from the Judean Hills, aging in barrels for at least 24 months and a special care for every bottle.  The wine is kosher (not mevushal). 

The Winemaking process 

After the grapes are carefully examined, separated and crushed, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks which are stored in low temperatures for small periods of time - around 18-24 days. Normally this process happens without us adding yeast. After the fermentation starts an ageing process the wine is stored in French Oak Barrels for 24 months.  The wine does not go through any type of filter until it gets bottled. The filtering process is a natural process that happens thanks to decantation.

Wadi Katlav is a Blend of three wines - 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 10% Syrah. The wine was aged in French oak barrels for a period of 18 months. The blend of three types of grapes imparts to the wine a deep purple color, a full body, soft tannins, with lingering finish.  The wine is unfiltered and will continue to improve in the bottle over the years.